Illustration of a zine proped up with a stick to form a tent. It says Zine Camp 2023 on the side.

Zine Camp 2023

July 9th
2 p.m. –
6:30 p.m.

Location ->
Picnic Grove 5
at Dan Ryan Woods
in Chicago

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Directions to Picnic Grove 5 at Dan Ryan Woods:

The entrance that is closest to Picnic Grove 5 is on S. Western Ave. near 84th St. Chicago, IL 60620.

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Public Transportation stops closest to Picnic Grove 5:

If you're coming from the north: PACE #349 bus, get off at S. Western Ave. and 83rd St. and walk south to Dan Ryan Woods entrance.

If you're coming from the south: CTA #87 bus, get off at S. Western Ave. and 87th St. and walk north to Dan Ryan Woods entrance.

These are the closest public transportation stops. Feel free to Google from your location.

How to find us:

1. To get to the Zine Camp site: Enter Dan Ryan Woods from S. Western Avenue near 84th Street. Look for the first entrance to Dan Ryan Woods that is south of 83rd Street and north of 87th Street. You’ll see a sign that reads "Dan Ryan Woods Central Groves 1-5, 10.” You will be heading east into the forest preserve.

Helpful hint! Do not enter at the Dan Ryan Woods entrance on 87th Street. Enter on Western Avenue between 83rd and 87th Streets.

2. Once you enter Dan Ryan Woods, turn right. You’ll see a parking lot.

3. Follow the paved road to the right about 233 feet, until you come to a pavilion on your right labeled 5.

Keep an eye out for our Zine Camp sign!

Accessible indoor bathrooms are located a few hundred feet away, about a 3- or 4-minute walk.